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Mission Statement:

"Make learning fun and enjoyable to enrich our community with bright minds"

Childcare Enrollment Options:

  • Full-Time Childcare
  • Part-Time Childcare
  • Before and After School
  • Daily Rates

Preschool Enrollment Options:

  • Full-Time Preschool
  • Part-Time Preschool

Preschool curriculum follows our TLC 

T-H-I-N-K Program!

Specialized Infant Care


The Learning Circle offers two locations that specialize in children under the age of three. This allows TLC to focus on the needs and development of our littlest littles. We then take those skills and apply them to our infant classrooms at all TLC locations to provide the best care to our babies!

Preschool Matters


The Learning Circle does not only offer a preschool curriculum to our families; We create and adjust our curriculum to meet the learning needs of each and every child in our care. Our T-H-I-N-K program was designed exclusively for the TLC family!

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School Age Care


The Learning Circle strives to accommodate the bigger littles, too. If you're looking for transportation before and after school, we are sure to have an option that works for you!

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We are very excited to offer our T-H-I-N-K Program to all families both inside and outside of the TLC childcare family! Our T-H-I-N-K Preschool Program offers lesson plans that focus on a specific letter, number, color, and shape for the week as well as introducing lots of fun learning activities that align with the weekly theme. TLC has a team of individuals that work together to create a program that is flexible by design and easy to work with. This allows each preschool classroom to easily adjust the weekly lesson plan to accommodate each child’s different learning skill and learning level.


Each week’s lesson plan touches on the following:

· Language & Literacy

· Problem Solving

· Math

· Creative & Logical Thinking

· Social Studies

· Science

· Expressive Arts

· Health & Physical Development


While teaching these basic skills to ensure our littles are ready for kindergarten, we also introduce fun activities such as games and sing-alongs. The program was designed to follow our mission statement: 

“make learning fun and enjoyable to enrich our community with bright minds”

Throughout the preschool year, the following assessments are conducted: 

· Entry Assessment: Determine each child’s learning level

· Mid-Year Assessment: Determine progress to-date

· End of Year Assessment: Track progress since the Entry Assessment completion

What makes T-H-I-N-K so fantastic? T-H-I-N-K creates an environment that allows our littles to learn while having fun doing it. It’s a preschool curriculum that can only be found at The Learning Circle! 

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